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Farmstone at Diamond

You may have to work in the fast lane, but you certainly don’t have to live there.

If you are tired of congested highways, crowded subdivisions, even more, crowded schools, and the noise of living that ranges from a steady hum to a dull roar, you may be ready for Farmstone at Diamond, a beautiful, quiet community of custom homes and duplexes in the heart of the heartland.

Yes, we’re a bit off the beaten track — but what a pleasant journey it is. From the minute you leave Joliet city limits, your 15-minute drive to Farmstone takes you into open spaces past acres of corn and wheat fields, country lanes and stands of trees.

Being in the country doesn’t mean being out of touch. On the contrary. Out here you’ll find most of what you need, and a lot more of what you really want. Schools that are highly respected and not overcrowded. Recreation galore — golf courses, fitness centers, hiking/biking nature trails, a forest preserve where you can spot fox, deer and wild turkeys. Wonderful parks and lakes where you can boat, fish, swim, and relax.

When you arrive at Farmstone, you will get a glimpse of what this land used to be. The area was originally settled by the Pottawatomie Indians because it provided plenty of land for cultivating, fish and wildlife for food. Over time, immigrants settled here for the same reasons. In 1904, Battista Bertino purchased a homestead and farmed the land that is now Farmstone at Diamond.

The town of Diamond was home to coal miners who worked in area mines. In fact, the name ‘Diamond’ came from a miner who once said — when the sun hits the coal it sparkled like a diamond. Diamond was settled in 1873.

When you settle here, you are buying a piece of history—a place that is every bit as welcoming to you as it was to those long-ago residents. Of course, what you also get are all of the amenities and conveniences your lifestyle requires.

LOCATION: Diamond is located at the crossroads of I-55 and Illinois 113. With a population of 1,393, Diamond is governed by a village commission and is a 911 community served by the Grundy County sheriff’s office, a rescue squad and a volunteer fire department.

SCHOOLS: Students attend elementary through high school in Coal City, located on Illinois 113 three miles west of I-55. Schools are noted for their smaller class sizes and individual interaction between teachers and students.